Movie Trivias: Ocean’s Eleven

For those of you who liked the movie, here are some nice trivias worth reading:

– The “pinch” that Basher uses to knock out Las Vegas’s power is based on a device called the z-pinch, which creates a burst of energy (mostly x-rays) by using a magnetic field that “pinches” a column of charged gas particles. However, the movie departs from science in several ways: first, a real z-pinch is much too large to fit in the back of a van; second, a pinch can’t create energy out of nowhere, and would need a power source much greater than Basher’s “score of car batteries” or anything that would fit inside a van; third, even with such a power source, the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by a real z-pinch is barely powerful enough to knock out an electronic device across a room. In fact, under current science, the only thing capable of generating a city-wide EMP is a genuine nuclear explosion.

– The scene where Danny calls his parole officer was originally set to take place inside a crowded deli. However, when the director of photography went outside, he saw a great shot that included the Trump Plaza sign, and changed the scene to include it.

– The wig used by Rusty (Brad Pitt) in his disguise as a doctor was ‘Mike Myers’ ‘s rehearsal wig for Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).

– In nearly every scene Rusty’s in, he’s eating something. According to Brad Pitt, this is because the whole gang (his character in particular) would be so busy that they’d rarely be able to eat; it was decided that Rusty would just eat all the time. He first mentioned this when he was eating after having worked all day without a break for lunch and was hungry, because he thought it would be a good character trait for Rusty Ryan as well. 

– The scene of everyone standing around watching the Bellagio fountain and leaving was improvised. The actors were told to line up and depart in whatever order felt natural.

– With the exception of the title character “Danny Ocean”, none of the principal characters have the same names as their counterparts in the 1960 version of the film.

– When Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) is teaching the “teen idols” to play poker, all of the actors are actual “teen idols” who were and/or are currently starring in popular TV Shows on the Warner Brothers. They are: – Holly Marie Combs (Charmed) – Topher Grace (That 70’s show) – Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek) – Barry Watson (7th Heaven)  – Shane West (Once and Again).


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