Putting all your eggs in one basket

For the first in a long time, I was off to work an hour earlier than the usual. I was smiling my way to Makati when I received a call from my mom:

“You left your keys here,” she worriedly announced.

“Oh shhh…” was all I replied. Good thing I stopped in the ‘shhh’ word, or else, my mom would have started a new dialogue (we avoid ‘bad’ words, you see)

I was able to keep my cool and thought to myself that everything’s okay. As the cab roared its way to the slippery but still empty Osmeña road, I started realizing the things that is being unlocked by the set of keys I stupidly left at home, at the coffee table, where I normally put my things on stand-by before going out:

1. Back key to our office

2. Key to my desk drawer

3. Key to my private washroom

4. Keys to the house (yes, we don’t have a maid, or a manong guard)

5. Keys to my closet

All these I decided to group in one chain. All these I forgot to bring.

Moral lesson: Have a set of duplicate keys, but make sure that they are not labeled (just have the keys in different styles/colors and that they don’t get lost.


3 Tugon to “Putting all your eggs in one basket”

  1. How can you work if your stuff (supplies) are locked inside your desk drawer?

  2. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    fortunately one of our staff resigned a couple of weeks ago so its like having my own, only that every supply she owns is pink.

  3. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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