How do you spend your November 1&2?

Our family tradition would be going to our province, visit my Lolos and Lolas who are buried in one cemetery, each couple are buried side by side. We don’t bring flowers, only candles.

In our province, kids would roam around the cemetery with their sando plastic bag full of semi-melted candlewax. They even have their own teritories so other kids are often ‘off-limits’ to an area unless he/she is related to the dead.

The town cemetery is located some hundred meters after the town church, plaza and hall. It’s just after a tilapia farm and is surrounded by rice fields. The weather during this time is extremely hot and humid as there are almost no trees in the area and it is usually the time when cemetery caretakers decide to burn the wildgrass or talahib that have grown over the year (what a stupid timing to do such chore) so that smoke and heat of the fire plus the smoke and heat of the candles plus the scorching heat of the sun makes you feel that truly… hell is a place on earth!

After visiting each nicho and praying the rosary over the dead, we go to our father-side’s ancestral house and have lunch or merienda, do some small talks and eventually go back to Manila. Nothing fancy actually, as we really celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day as traditional as possible. No parties, no soirees, no malling.

So how do you go through your November 1&2?


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