Sunday Movie Marathon

With nothing to do on a Sunday morning, my dad and I decided to explore Hidalgo Street in Quiapo hoping to grab some illegal flicks and shows on DVD for a day of movie marathon. Funny because as excited as we were checking what the vendors have in store for us we were also paranoid that anytime Edu Manzano and his gang would suddenly pop-out out of nowhere and arrest us.

Anyways, after almost an hour of shopping for fake items, we journeyed home holding five black sando plastic bags (for those of you who frequent the place are familiar with this black plastic bag with small golden yellow roses printed on the outside), each containing at least six DVDs (We pretty much took whatever the vendors offered). Yes, we’re criminals. Yes, we contribute to the destruction of the society. Yes, we patronize businessmen of illegal trade. But oh yes, we’ll never be able to watch all of these in legal means for only Php1,000.00.

As soon as we arrived home we started our movie marathon. Microwaved popcorns, hotdogs sandwiches and free-flowing colas welcomed us courtesy of my mom. And as of 2100H tonight, we were able to watch the following:

– Blades of Glory

– A concert of Dionne Warwick

– Hairspray

– The devil wears Prada

– De Ja Vu

– Kenny G concert

– Dreamgirls

And on the succeeding hours of the night (until tomorrow), we are scheduled to watch the following:

– Ocean’s 13

– Catch me if you can

– Norah Jones concert

– Jurassic Park

– Step Up

– Brokeback Mountain (?)

– Shrek 2

– Elvis Presley concert

– Crash

– Tony Bennett concert

And a whole lot more! Oh we are definitely going to hell with this…


2 Tugon to “Sunday Movie Marathon”

  1. Hey nice Quiapo haul! I’m sure you and your dad would enjoy watching Brokeback Mountain. Or not.

  2. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    We ended up donating the DVD to the neighborhood parlorista, who after a few days, told us that the movie was “bitin”. 🙂

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