What’s On: Glorietta

I went to Glorietta this morning to check the post-tragedy ruins. I entered G4 and felt as if nothing happened. Everything is still in order, only with less people. I went straight to the activity center, looked around and saw a somewhat different scenario.

I could really sense the sadness of the surroundings. The piped-in music is playing “Let there be peace on earth” while some of the early bird shoppers are slowly walking their way to the different boutiques that are open. Slow pace and not the usual heavy walkathon that you’d normally see and do inside this mall, which is also known for housing thousands of people at any given day, at any given time.

Bright lights from its tenants’ signages used to give color to the already dull and gloomy interiors of the establishment (even pre-G2 bombing, to be honest). Now the central zone is like a deserted mecca with some care-free stand-bys waiting for something to happen.

Most stores that are open have a “SALE!” signage on the shop window, an attraction to win people back, make them trust the establishment once again, make them feel bribed. “Para mo nang sinabi sa isang bata na isasakay mo siya sa carousel pag ininom niya ang napakapait na gamot na reseta ni doc,” a man quietly told his wife while going down the G4 elevator. “Sales really went down,” a friend of mine who manages the top local apparel and lifestyle store in G1 said. “There are days that we really had to redo all our blitz to regain attention and sell. We haven’t been this desperate since the store is one of the top-selling brands in the building.”

True. If we would compare Glorietta shoppers to Powerplant shoppers for the past days/weeks, I think Powerplant, a high-end shopping center, became more crowded than Glorietta, or even Landmark. But the mourning will definitely not last long, for we Filipinos have internalized and mastered the lifestyle of ‘malling’.


4 Tugon to “What’s On: Glorietta”

  1. i was also in glorietta yesterday. napadaan lang since kelangan ko makarating sa sm from landmark. hehe. :p true, true. same surrounding, except g2 of course, only with less people.

    i couldnt wait to get out of glorieta that time, may praning factor ako na baka may sumabog uli from the basement na shit tank. walang ka-glamour-glamour.

  2. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    haha. i was fitting a shirt in one of the stores when a display rack accidentally got dismantled by some kid. in bullet speed nakapagpalit ako ng damit at nakalabas ng fitting room. mahirap na baka may sewage tank sa ilalim ng fitting room, ang pangit ng ikamamatay ko. 🙂

  3. hahaha! honga naman, matitigok na rin lang tayo…sana wag naman yung nababalutan tayo ng *toooooot*. wag naman sa karima-rimarim at kahindik-hindik na paraan. hayy..ang morbid.

    miss ko na ang glorietta. 😦 its my favorite mall on earth.

  4. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    sayang no.. parang enter at your own risk ang nangyayari… nakakatawa lang kasi yung ibang tao parang patay malisya… parang walang nangyari, tapos pag may kumalabog akala mo dagang nacorner ng tatlong pusa hahaha!

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