Stupid Salesgirls: CDR-King Glorietta

Remember last Saturday when I went to Glorietta? (What’s On: Glorietta) I actually passed by this multi-media gadgetry stall named CDR-King along Pasay Road wing to check if they have the ink cartridge variety for my printer.

So I approached this lady who didn’t even made an effort to smile and greet her customer who bravely stormed Glorietta in chance of buying some items minus the tragedy. I asked politely and she looked at me blankly, pretending not hearing anything. She poked her co-salesgirl who turned her back and stupidly said, “ewan ko, anong ink ba?”. I slowly explained the details of my requirement in the ambition of them realizing what I need.

And to cut the story short, they didn’t give me a valid response, they just looked at each other and with their other co-stupid girls (there were 4 of them there, and I’m the only customer, and its around 10:30am) clackering about nonsense stuff. Zero customer service!

Then days after, just this afternoon, I passed by again this time asking for their headphones. If you’re familiar with their store they have two counters (one facing the Pasay Road door and one facing the Activity Center) and two display shelves (one facing Glorietta 1 and another facing Glorietta 2). This is how the sales talk went:

PinoyJetSetter(PJS): Miss pabili naman ng headphones.

StupidSalesLady(SSL): Dito sa kabila yon (pointing to the taller shelf at her right)

So I went to ‘the’ side of the stall and looked at the items, but since they all had ‘reader-unfriendly’ codes I just quoted the price of my choice item…

PJS: Yung P100.00 na headphones (yes, I am techie-cheap)

SSL: (still inside her stall) Alin yung may mic o wala?

PJS: Hindi ko alam eh, yung P100.00 worth dito (pointing downwards, to a direction where she can’t see since she’s still inside the stall)

SSL: (feeling somewhat irritated) Aling yung may mic o wala?

PJS: Hindi ko alam! Pumunta ka dito nang makita mo!

So she went out of their stupid stall and looked at the gadget that I’m pointing at. She opened the glassdoor and got me a stock.

PJS: So ano to? May mic o wala?

SSL: Yan walang mic yan.

I went to the opposite side of the stall to check on other items. She went in to attend to her co-SSL’s stupid activities.

PJS: Eh eto? (Pointing at the flash disks) Ano to? Alin dito ang pwede nang MP3?

SSL: Yung mga nasa kanan,

PJS: Kanan mo? Kanan ko? Kaninong kanan, ituro mo!

So she went out again and pointed to me the items she was reffering to.

PJS: Okay. Di ko kukunin. Babayaran ko na yung headphones.

She prepared the receipt, and I continued my dramalogue…

PJS: Asan ang boss nyo? Alam nya ba na ganyan kayo umasikaso ng customer?

She didn’t answer. She didn’t even looked at me. Or apologized. After some time, she handed me the order slip and asked me to write my name and countersign it.

PJS: So ganun na lang? Parang wala akong halagang customer? O sige, itong pinirmahan ko ngayon di ko na kukunin, di ko babayaran, bayaran mo, o kaya pabayaran mo sa boss mo. Umayos kayo dyan mga *&^%$ kayo!

She was trying to stop me, “sir, sir…” Ay ganun? Pag nagalit na ang client tsaka mo gagalangin?

I just hate poor customer service. I think its because I also work in a hospitality industry and the setting is very particular with impeccable customer service. I find people who communicate with us too unreasonable at times, but I don’t think its a ticket for people who serve to service someone less, especially if they just want to.

I’d defininitely not go back there, or to any CDR-King store. In as much as I would like to get items for half the price, I guess I’m just not ready yet to take customer service at half the effort.


12 Tugon to “Stupid Salesgirls: CDR-King Glorietta”

  1. ang taraaaaayyyy!!! pero alam mo ok yung ginawa mo! two-thumbs up with a wink! kahit kelan yang CDR-King na yan eh mga supladita ang mga salesladies nila. Kahit saang branch yata eh. Madalas kasi maraming tao kaya ang aangas ng mga tindera jan.

    kung kasama mo siguro ako sa monologue mo, maiihi siguro ako sa katatawa! bwahaha! 😆

  2. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    Haha! Ang init ng ulo ko nun! Napabili tuloy ako ng Big Chill para magpalamig.

  3. Ay korek kayu dyan! Dito sa Iloilo ganun din sila! Ewan ko lang ang papanget naman…haha

  4. cd-r king has always poor customer service, whatever branch it is… that’s why sometimes i feel lazy to buy in their store…

  5. i just remember my dad, parehas kayo..bwahahah! oo nga, kahit saang cdr king, pagnaka tsinelas ka lang o kaya pambahay na gusot gusot tapos yung bibilhin mo lang eh worth 100 php below, mamatahin ka talaga nila. Galit din ako sa mga ganyan… deym!

  6. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    ay… sa totoo lang disente naman ang suot ko nung mga panahon na yun… at di naman sa pagmamayabang pwede kong isampal sa kanila ang malutong kong isandaang pisong papel. sa trinoma malupit din, habang nag-aantay ka na makuha mo na yung order mo na kay bagay nilang iprocess, enjoy na enjoy sila sa pakikipagkwentuhan sa isat isa..

  7. You are so correct, PJS.
    I tried going to their Trinoma branch last Tuesday and I stood in front of one SSL but she didn’t seem to notice me. Instead, she kept on entertaining the other customers who came in later than me. I think she thought I am so dirt poor (I looked like it then, for I have already walked miles in a lot of other malls that day, and it was 7PM) she doesn’t have the time to bother with me–Trinoma being an upscale mall, most of the customers that she was entertaining looked rich.
    I had to talk to her in English before she noticed me, but she answered in a shouting voice. So I walked out.
    Dirt cheap products=dirt cheap salesladies.

    Btw, nice nice blog! Let me link you to my own wordpress… Cheers!

  8. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    Thanks GeekCritic for visiting and I appreciate you appreciating my blog. Hehehe… Sorry kung medyo natagalan ang pagsagot ko. Sure, I’ll add you too. Thanks again

  9. Thank you rin. 😀
    I’ll be a fan among your other fans. Hehe.

  10. Freaking Accurate Says:

    Hey man, your article is dead on. I Googled around looking for cdr king reviews. Here I was, thinking that I was the only one getting poor service from them.
    The sales-ladies are incredibly slow and rude. I can understand that they can get that way since they do have to face a lot of rude customers but not all of their customers deserve the same treatment.
    Their products are not even close to good, just enough for a temporary fix. Most of the DVD-R/RW’s I bought fail within a couple of weeks.
    Funny how they take 10 mins to write a reciept. They have to do those cutsie-girly handwritings. It’s a reciept not a poem!
    All it takes is one bad impression and you could lose a customer forever.

    Btw, this is in iloilo 🙂

  11. if you don’t mind, i’m going to use your story as inspiration for a paper i’m writing for my philosophy class. thank you very much, if only i had the guts, i’d do what you did too :))

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