10 Pinoy reasons for going bold

After the Chinese astrology I saw an old article by the late Inday Badiday on Filipino “celebrity-wannabe” reasons for venturing the ‘bomba’ side of movies.  

It’s funny how these boldies rationalize their decision to go totally bold. Here are 10 of their most incredible answers:

1. For art’s sake. This line has been used by all the bold stars who have come and gone. But do they even know what it means?

2. Just a stepping stone. Bold stars justify their willingness to take everything off for the camera by claiming they have acting talent which will eventually shine through, that this is only a phase they have to go through until they finally ”graduate” to becoming actors and actresses. True for some (with the likes of Lorna Tolentino, Gina Alajar and Jaclyn Jose) but not for the majority of others (Nini Jacinto, Leonardo Litton, etc).

3. I’m a breadwinner. They do it for the money. It’s their way out of poverty, a ticket to the realization of their modest dreams. But there are hundreds of other jobs that doesn’t need one to take off their clothes to earn a living (waiters, etc) 

4. The story calls for it. Of course, because in the first place, it has been hammered out to revolve around sex themes (Sambahin mo ang katawan ko, Totoy Mola, Anakan mo ako).

5. We have a good, respectable director. I don’t think Mr Spielberg would ever do a bomba movie even if he’s gone broke. 

6. It’s the trend. Why? Does our country have a ‘mating season’? Tag-libog? 

7. If you have it, flaunt it. If your body is 100% natural, then maybe. But if you’re 50% retokada and 50% covered with heavy concealer, I don’t think your body will still be flaunt-worthy. 

8. The industry is dying. Never will the bold movies be the saving grace of the movie industry. 

9. Times have changed. People are becoming more stupid, more immoral, more senseless. 

10. This is better than the flesh trade. Bold movies encourages flesh trade. Enough said.


4 Tugon to “10 Pinoy reasons for going bold”

  1. parang hindi ko na siguro itutuloy ang pagsi-shift ko ng career para maging bold star. wala na akong maisip na idadahilan na medyo bago eh. mga gasgas na pala ang mga naisip ko. hehehe!

  2. pinoyjetsetter Says:

    oo nga eh.. naubusan na rin ako ng rason

  3. bigmindsky Says:

    Instead of giving excuses, they should say, “Why not?”
    They don’t owe the public an explanation anyway. I’d give a second look to any woman who’ll assert herself that way.

  4. its their choice hehehe

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