From the Rumor Mill: Blanco to blank-o

Rumor has it that Blanco Center management has informed their tenants that they all have to move out by end of this year to make way for ‘a new beginning’.

The condo/commercial building, which is strategically located along Leviste (formerly Alfaro) St., Salcedo Village, Makati is one of the best known condo establishments in the area due to its generous-sized unit floor areas and affordable rates. It also houses some famous personalities such as male model Brent Javier. 

According to a friend who knows a friend who currently stays there, the property will be demolished by the end of the year and will be replaced by a new structure, a ‘serviced apartment’ type of residential accommodation, to cater to the city’s growing demand for transient housing, for both local and foreign market. It will then set a new standard for condo living, which will be somewhat close to what Fraser Place Serviced Residences, a neighboring tower (along Valero St), is currently offering to its tenants for a luxurious price.

As far as pricing is concerned, only Alfaro Condominiums and Prince Tower has the same tenancy rate range as Blanco’s, but will never be at par in terms of space, features and layout.    


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